What is a Workout Like?

The most common question we get is, “What is a workout like?”

The 2020 Fitness Workout is slow motion, high intensity weight training designed and proven to build strength and provide long-term health benefits.

First of all, there are no distractions. Just you and your 2020 coach. No music, no mirrors… as we like to say, no blah blah.

After meeting with your coach to review your health history, discuss your goals and answer any questions you might have, you hit the circuit! You will be training on MedX® equipment that is custom-fitted to your body’s dimensions. With your coach at your side, you will lift/move weight through slow controlled movement, avoiding the use of momentum, at a level that is safe and customized for your level of fitness and strength. Your coach will work with you on the proper rhythm and technique for each lift/move you do. You rotate among five to seven machines, each engaging multiple muscle groups, in each 2020 session.

It usually takes three to four sessions to get to your maximum capability. The goal is to exhaust the muscle group being worked, so that you can no longer lift the weight. This is called “muscle failure” and it raises the level of intensity to a very high level so that the body is stimulated to build new muscle. We want to reach muscle failure in two to three minutes on each machine. So, for a total of 20 minutes of your time, you get a total body workout.

Depending on the intensity of your workout and fitness level, your body will require four to seven days of rest and recovery between sessions. This is the time during which your body makes all the gains, building new muscle and supporting metabolic functions.

Come in and try a workout for yourself. First one’s on us!