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What Is a 2020 Workout?

- Safe, research-based, controlled exercise program
- 20-minute, total-body strength training
- Work out 1-2 times per week
- 5-7 exercises each session
- 1-2 minutes per exercise
- Technologically advanced weight training equipment

Benefits of 2020 Workouts

- Build strong, lean muscle -- the key to total fitness
- Increase mass, tone and strengthen muscles
- Burn calories 24/7 and decrease body fat
- Boost energy and stamina
- Increase bone density
- Increase flexibililty and stability
- Improve cardiovascular fitness
- Reduce or eliminate back and arthritic pain
- Improve balance
- Increase self confidence and lift depression

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"Being a competitive athlete most of my life, I got soft and sedentary in my late 30s and felt helpless by my 40s. 2020 workouts have rekindled the power and confidence I once had with my body. With every workout, I grow stronger and more fearless in all aspects of my life. I am getting my energy and health back!"
Christine P.

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